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“I have nothing but good things to say about West Hill Dental. I’ve been going here 8 years or so and have yet to have a complaint. Zoe and her whole staff are always very accommodating and friendly. They are always willing to answer any questions you may have and they go above and beyond what they need to; Zoe has even answered some of my questions on her days off! They also make it great for kids to go. My two girls absolutely adore going to the dentist. When we drive by the office they always ask when it’s their turn to go! ”
N. Richard
“Dr. Nath has got to be the most skilled dentist that I have ever come across when it comes to needle work and that also carries over into the remainder of the work I am having done be it filling or crown. I just close my eyes, relax and it’s nice to know that my teeth are in the best hands they could be in.

The experience of going to West Hill Dental is always a very positive one for me. The staff are all happy, cheerful and friendly and you end up after a while of it being more a feeling of seeing family who are happy to see you again whether you are having a cleaning done or the required corrective procedure. The team at West Hill Dental are always prompt with their reminder call a day before anything is scheduled and I really appreciate the follow-up call the next day when they inquire how things are going for me and if there is anything I need in terms of adjustments to my bite – something that may not always be apparent when you are still frozen and they have always seen me immediately on those rare times when I needed to have a tooth adjusted.

Dr. Nath and her staff at West Hill Dental almost make you want to wish you’d have a cavity just for the experience of having her take care of it – I said almost! But they are the place that I would recommend for anyone to go to to have their tooth work done. Trust me, no matter how good your previous dental experiences have been, this is going to be a whole new level for you!”
G. Ropchan

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